Saturday, 28 November 2015

Babouche X Karl Lagerfeld - Win Your Travel Tote!

Have you heard the good news? has launched its e-shop! 
Since the 2nd of November, all the Kaiser's fans from all over the world are able to shop his collection including Ready To Wear, Bags, Accessories and shoes with new additions every two weeks ( I am personally obsessed with anything featuring the cute Choupette!)

Wait, this is not the only good news, Karl has also launched a capsule collection called " Karl Around the World"( see here ), inspired by his international travel's. This capsule collection features all you need to travel in style, from the weekender bag topped with travel-inspired patches to the Choupette sleeping mask without forgetting the must have passport holder!

 I am sure you are waiting for a third good news don't you?! 

You see that shopper bag below, you can WIN IT now! You simply have to leave a comment with what and why is you favourite item from the Karl Around The World capsule collection ( have a look here ) and your email address, I will choose a winner by the end of the week.
Good luck!

Friday, 27 November 2015

My Nanokeratin Treatment at Errol Douglas

I have heard about Keratin treatments for quite a while but never thought it was appropriate for my hairI have natural very long straight hair and always been scared of hairdresser since a crazy one back in france decided to cut my Pocahontas locks into a short bob when I was 13! Back then my sister said I was looking like the letter I, a long skinny body with a big dot on top! Anyway, let's talk about something else ... 

My hair has been very dry and weak lately, I have not been the healthiest person this year and my hair, skin and nails have suffered big time. 

 The Nanokeratin System treatment has a patented technology that works to mimic and replace lost keratin to rejuvenate your hair, yes, it has all I need! So I decided to give it a go and book an appointment with Karis at Errol Douglas in Knightsbridge.

This treatment take about 60 minutes for short hair and 120 minutes for long hair and last for 3 months, meaning your hair is protected for this period of time. 

The process is very simple: They first washed my hair with a primer to get rid of any products and make sure they 100% to fully absorb the treatment. 

After a rough dry, Karis combed the teatment trough every strand of hair. Once this the application was done Karis left me for 40 minutes before blow drying the product into the hair, and then she straightened each session to seal the product in. 

  Now my hair has been revitalised, here comes the hardest part, not able to wash my hair or tie them up for 3 long days! Will hide my mane under one of my amazing hat! 

My hair has never been so shiny and smooth, it's like having baby hair but thicker!

Book your Nanokeratin System treatment with Karis now at Errol Douglas

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Shop with Estelle: PLT Cyber Party

How exciting! My favourite website Pretty Little Thing is having the best party ever, the PLT CYBER PARTY!

From tomorrow, Friday 27th at 9 am you will be able to shop with everything up to 50% off and the Cyber Party continues during the week end with Free UK Delivery!

And to make your life easier I made you a selection of my favourite items, you just need to click and shop, easy peasy!

Happy Shopping and don't forget to share your buys with #PLTCyberParty on Instagram.

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Maxi beanie and Paradeyes

Winter for me means maxi beanie, I found that one in Topshop yesterday and bought it in every single colour as it is really rare for me to find beanie I like, they are never chunky enough! This one is perfection ( shop it now x )
During my shopping session at Topshop, I also fell in love with that monochrome stripped jacket ( shop x) in wool which give an elegant touch to my casual look.
And what do you think of my new Paradeyes sunglasses by Fendi ( shop x)? When it comes to sunglasses I usually go for very classic looks but lately I found some crazy ones I really love and it adds a touch of fun to basic outfits.

jacket- Topshop ( shop X)
jeans- Topshop ( shop X)
sneakers- Adidas ( shop X)
bag/sac- Chanel
beanie- Topshop ( shop X)
sunglasses- Fendi ( shop X)

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Fury Cape

You all know how much I'm obsessed with faux fur coat and always on the hunt for a new addition to my growing collection.
Found that amazing multicoloured one at River Island yesterday while browsing around and just could not resist, it is very cool but so chic at the same time. 
I also found this pair of shredded jeans and for once they are long enough not to have ankles out but just the perfect length to show my new velvet boots from Topshop.

cape- River Island ( shop X)
jeans- River Island ( shop X)
boots- Topshop ( shop X)
bag/sac- Fendi ( shop X-X)

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Getting Christmas ready with River Island

When River Island asked to team up with them and create a look to go to a Christmas Party, I was like yes but what do you mean by Christmas party? I am not an ignorant, of course I've seen Bridget Jones but there is no such things in France, people might be for a drink or dinner before the festivities but they do not organise a proper party. 
That explain why my party look is quiet casual, chic but casual. I am not the kind of person who will make the extra effort to go to any party, all I need is to feel confident and for me being confident is being comfortable with what I am wearing. 
I went for a very 70's look with a python mini skirt, black turtle neck, geometric coat, pvc ankle boots and this very Chloe bag that I just ADORE! 
What do you think about that look?
What would you wear for a Christmas party?

Get the look:
turtle neck- shop X
skirt- shop X
jacket- shop X
boots- shop X
bag- shop X

Thursday, 29 October 2015


During my stay in Paris, I fell in love with those crazy metallic Gucci loafers. It has been a longtime I had my eye on the classic Gucci loafers but too classic never been really me so I went for the craziest ones, I know everybody has been obsessed with the fury ones but I find those ones timeless and much cooler.
What do you think?

top- Stock Vintage
jeans- Levis
loafers/mocassins- Gucci ( shop X)
bag/sac- Fendi ( shop X)
fur pompom- Fendi ( shop X-X)

Monday, 26 October 2015


pics: Timur Emek, getty

jumper/ pull- Pretty Little Thing ( shop X )
shirt worn as skirt/ chemise portee en jupe- Pretty Little thing ( shop X)
boots- Mango ( shop X)
bag/sac- Fendi ( shop X-X)
cap/casquette- Zara Men

My biggest inspiration is definitely the punk era, I've always been obsessed with vinyl trousers, check print, chains, tattoos, studs and leather, a lot of leather! 
I do not know where this come from but aged 6 I wanted to dress like Gwen Stefani or Slash and have loads of piercing and tattoos. Of course, my mum never agreed with all that but let's say it did not stop me to start getting inked and pierced at a really young age. I was experimenting the craziest styles but on the other side I was a very shy and quiet girl, I think I just expressed more of my personality trough my clothes.
Someone once told me, I may have been a punk or a biker or both in a previous life and I kind of totally believe this eventuality.