Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Barcelona Diary

After spending Christmas in my hometown, my boyfriend and I decided to go to Barcelona for NYE. It is only 3 hours driving and it has been a few years we haven't been there together.

I love Barcelona so much and was planning to move there before I decided to settle down in London 7 years ago.
 I also have very good memories there with my mum as we used to go together quiet often for long week ends and school holidays.

I am wearing a Bershka fur coat X, Asos trousers X , Gucci sneakers X, Fendi bag and HappySocks socks.

I'm still amazed by Barcelona gothic architecture and can spend hours looking at every single details.

I met with spanish style icon Blanca Miro for lunch at Brunch&Cake , I love her basic yet super stylish look.

Food is what I love the most in Barcelona, everything is so fresh and tasty, after arabic food, spanish is my second favourite!

My boyfriend and I went 3 times to La Taverna Del Born, I just could eat everything there it was just too good!

Blanca advised me to have a look at HOLALA IBIZA vintage store and I wasn't disappointed, I spent around 30 min there and ended up with some vintage treasures.

My sister and her boyfriend also joined us to spend a few days in Barcelona.

Can't stay serious for long ...

We stayed at the Yurbban  hotel, this is the perfect hotel for a city break, very central, 5 min from Paseig de Gracia and surrounded by very cute and tasty restaurant. 

I also discovered so many cool places to shop:

Santa Eulalia on Paseig De Gracia offers a good selection of luxury accessories and clothing, the Barcelona version of Liberty.
- Jofre Store, a luxury multi brand store, from Fendi to Saint Laurent you will find the best of fashion.
- Le Swing Vintage,  if you are after some vintage treasures such as classic Chanel or first versions of Hermes birkin this is the place to go.
- Passage BCN, an amazing concept store where you will find some very quirky accessories, art books and discover the best of the upcoming fashion designers.
- Aurevoir Cinderella, that shoe store has some statement shoes to be the most stylish girl in Barcelona.

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Fringe and camo

Bonjour from my hometown where I'm spending a few days visiting my family before the upcoming hectic fashion month.
Did I mention I am going to Tulum at the end of the month? I never been there and so excited to visit the place everyone is talking about and eat some delicious mexican food ( sorry in winter, all i can think about is what i'm going to eat next!)

Monday, 18 January 2016

The maxi sheepskin coat

coat- Asos ( shop X)
t-shirt and shirt- Vintage
jeans- River Island
bag- Louis Vuitton ( get lucky X-X-X)
sneakers- Adidas ( shop X)

Does this coat remember you of something? Surely, the amazing Chloe maxi sheepskin coat featured in their winter campaign.
I still cannot believe how easy it is to re-create the best runway looks with some high street pieces.
My favourite stores to find look a like items are of course Asos but also Bershka, Mango and Pull and Bear.
What are your favourite high street shops?

Saturday, 16 January 2016

That '70 show

Vintage fox fur- Killiwatch ( shop similar X-X)
rollneck- Primark
jeans- DIY ( shop similar X-X)
bag- Gucci ( shop X)
sneakers- Gucci ( shop X)
sunglasses- Celine

Winter has finally arrived in London, meaning it's time for some real fur. I got this vintage one at Killiwatch in Paris a few years back and it's now one of my favourite item in my closet.
You know I am not really a trend follower but it has been a few month I'm seeing all the fashionistas on instagram rocking their cropped flares so last night I took a pair of scissors and made my own cropped flare in less than two minutes and by the way, saved around £100! What do you think of the result?