Monday, 2 May 2016

Denim jacket dress

Spring has almost sprung and it's almost time to go out in the street bare legs, I said almost! 
I believe over the knee boots and a denim dress is the best alternative for this in between seasons weather. What do you think?

dress- Zara 
hat- Eugenia Kim
boots- Asos ( shop X)
bag- Fendi ( shop X)

Friday, 29 April 2016

My Dubai Diary

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to have been booked for a job in Dubai. 
For the ones who don't know what my job is I am a personal shopper/stylist so I went for a few days working and decided to extend my stay to enjoy the sun, something I never have in London!

Wearing: Tavik dress

wearing: PilyQ bikini

I am usually not a selfie person, but I feel much more confident with a bit of tan on my face!

When I am not shopping, I become a lifeguard!

Wearing: Tavik bikini

What else can I ask for?

sliders by Slydes

What I love the most about Dubai is the FOOD. 
One of my favourite is Al Khaima, one of the restaurant of Le Royal Meridien.
It is situated in a big garden and you can have the best middle eastern food with a live concert, it is a bit cheesy but I adore that place.

Dreamy isn't it?

When in Dubai I always stay at Grosvenor House and they give you access to Le Royal Meridien beach.

wearing: PilyQ bikini

After hours of shopping at The Dubai Mall, this ice cream was well deserved! I told you, they have the best food here!

Selfie time while my client is trying her wedding shoes at the Level Shoe District.
The Level Shoe District is paradise on earth for my job or just if you love shopping, you can find everything from Chanel to Saint Laurent and also discover amazing new designers you never heard about.

The ice cream was not enough so I headed to Shake Shak for a little refill.

The view from my room at The Grosvenor House.

wearing: Beth Richards bikini

Not the healthiest meal but felt so good!

wearing: Tavik bikini

wearing: PilyQ trousers

OMG! Can't describe how good this was!
We went to Nurs-et, a turskih restaurant located at the Four Seasons hotel. This was the best Turkish food I ever had. If you have the chance to be in Dubai don't miss it!

wearing: top+ bag from Our Manor
shoes by Kurt Geiger

There is no better feeling than being barefoot in the hot sand, I know it sounds bit dull but that is something that makes me truly happy.

Last shisha at Siddhartha before heading to the airport.

I can't count how many times I have been to Dubai those past few year and I'm never disappointed, it is definitely not the most beautiful city on earth but everything else is perfect. You will stay in the best hotels, eat in the best restaurant, find the best fashion brands, you can even see movies on the beach while having shake shack burger! 

Friday, 8 April 2016

My Paris Diary

As you have seen on my instagram I spent the week end in Paris with my sister a couple of weeks ago.

This week end was planned very last minute, my sister who is an Art critic had a ballet to see and I had some clients for personal shopping in Paris ( check my new Personal Shopping website here) so we decided to meet there.

2015 had been an awful year for both of us. We lost our mum and when we see each other back home in South of France it is always very sad to be in the family house without her and we can't really bond together as so many memories in there that make us not in the mood to have fun.

So what's better than a sister week end in Paris to spend some quality time and finally have fun after all we've been trough this year!

It was only for 4 days but it was so good to just walk around the city, having croissant and hot chocolate in the Tuileries garden, talking about everything and nothing, and just enjoy some time together.

I can't wait to plan an other get away with my lovely sis!

I am french but never lived in Paris so I am always amazed by how beautiful this city is so obviously I am always doing the tourists shots again and again and again!

We made a friend at Le Printemps, how cute is that gold panda?

My sister Geraldine had to write a article about the Barbie Exhibition for her website Magmaa. 
I just loved it, if you have the occasion to see it, don't miss it! I took like millions of pictures but don't  want to annoy you with this. I felt like I was 5 again and it is such a good feeling.

Nothing better than waking up in a japanese bath at Hotel De Nell ( read my review here)

I was so happy to catch up with my friend and top model Natalia at Le Meurice  

I am wearing a Run jacket.

Yes that bath again!

This is crazy how just walking around Paris makes me happy it is beautiful everywhere and I feel like I'm in an old movie.

Tourist time!

Let's have water at Colette!

You guys recognise that place from all the street style shots after Balmain during PFW no?

Could not resist bringing back a little souvenir from Paris...

I am wearing a Baartmans and Siegel maxi fur.

It's already time to leave but will be back very soooooooonnnnnn!