Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Please don't dress up as b**tches!


Don't be fool by what I wore yesterday, Summer is not coming back!
It was very sunny so I went out wearing just a dress and a jacket, after 2 hours I was freezing and too far from home to come back and change! Bad day, I looked like Rudolph the red nosed reindeer!

Today, I have to organize some outfits for a shooting I'm doing tomorrow, can't wait, I love to work as a Stylist and tomorrow I am both Model and stylist, It gonna be fun.

I also have to organize THE outfit for tomorrow night, my friend is celebrating his birthday and it gonna be huge!
The dresscode is French Avant Garde ( don't know what he means, maybe the dresscode is just : "please girls, don't dress up as b**tches!", people love to use the word french to don't say: " please, dress up decently!")
I'll try to take some pictures to show you the party!

This week end, as promised, I will open my online shop, hope you will like it!

That's it for this busy busy day!