Wednesday, 26 June 2013

How do I keep my hair long and shiny

Many of you asked me, so here is a little post where I am going to share with you my littles secrets of how do I keep my hair long and shiny.

- I use a hydrating shampoo like this Creme de Coco by Bumble and Bumble (3) or this intense hydrating shampoo by Phyto (4)

- First of all and very important, I never ever blow dry my hair, I wash them at night and go to bed with my hair still wet otherwise I will try to wake up early and let them dry naturally, worst case scenario I dry them with the cold air option

- I never brush my hair when they are wet, I wait until they are dry and then I will untangled/brush them, if you brush them while they are wet you will make them very fragile and brittle, get a natural hair brush here

- I do not use conditioner as my hair are very flat because of the London weather, so once they are dry I put a bit of oil on the tips, like this Argan Oil (6) or this invisible oil (5)

- Once a week I would make a mask by putting oil from the roots to the tips, I leave it 1 hour but the best is to keep it overnight, the day after you will have shiny and healthy hair, I use this Sacha Juan mask (9) or this Phyto Scalp oil(10)

- I try not to wash them everyday even if they get dirty really quick here, so I use dry shampoo every 2 days to make them look fresh, like this one from Bumble and Bumble for Brunette (2) or this one by Alterna(1) which smells like holiday, if they still look greasy I would put them up in a bun

- I put oil on the tips every morning and every night 

- I have never colored my hair or did any blow dry, if I want them to have a lot of volume I would only only a bit of hairspray or a texturising spray like the Bumble and Bumble surf spray (12).

- The best brand for my hair is the french brand Phyto

- During seasonal changes my hair get thinner and I lose them more than usual so I do a cure of Phyto Serum (7) ampoules, I apply the serum 3 times a week for a month or once a week for 3 months it depends of my hair,

- I also take Phyto pills (8) for hair and nails, for my hair to regain density and shine at seasonal changes.

- I never go to the hairdresser, as I just need to cut my ends every 3 months and my mum does it better than any hairdresser!

I hope my little advices will help you getting long and shiny hair, if you have more questions, don't hesitate to leave a comment :)