Thursday, 11 July 2013

Born in Bel Air

You can't imagine how happy I am that Summer is finally here, in London, and my favourite part is to go for a walk around 7pm when the sun start going down and there is no so many people around, this is the London I fell in love with!

Vous ne pouvez pas imaginer a quel point je suis heureuse que l'ete soit enfin arrive ici, a Londres, et ma partie favorite est d'aller marcher le soir vers 7h quand le soleil commence a se coucher et que le parc commence a se vider, c'est le Londres dont je suis tombe amoureuse!

sweater/sweat- Wildfox get it here
shorts- Topshop ( get similar here )
sneakers/baskets- Chanel
bag/sac- Chanel ( similar here / here)