Thursday, 12 December 2013

My Paris diary

My boyfriend and I having a quick breakfast at the Eurostar Lounge before heading off to Paris!

Foie gras poele with a warm chocolate sauce at La Cordonnerie 

The Chef cooking our delicious meals at La Cordonnerie

Yes, when I go to Paris, I eat a lot!

After our delicious and heavy dinner we went for a walk in Montmarte, how beautiful is that?

Took a few tourist pics from the car during the ride home

La Bella Vita!

Narcissic time.

Quick Falafel stop in Le Marais.
I am a bit of a Falafel addict, I could eat Falafel every single day of my life, I am not joking!

Me thinking about what I am going to eat for Dinner!

My boyfriend is like Peter Pan, he will never grow up! Love him!

This is when my boyfriend told me : "stop posing" and that is what I gave him ...

For once I am taller than the Christmas tree, how cool is that?

My boyfriend is never ashamed of me pushing children at Le Printemps to take pictures of their window! That is true LOVE!

TCHIN TCHIN at Le derriere! I don't remember if I was happy of laughing at someone... 

I screamed and shouted with Will.I.Am at VIP ROOM

Trying to look sexy and not too cold with my MissGuided jumpsuit get it HERE

I was in Paris for only 48 hours but as you can see I had the time to take a lot of pics to share with you!