My Thailand Diary with Salt Resort Wear

These past few weeks have been hectic, I know it's not an excuse not to update my blog but I did not have a minute for myself!
I was in Bangkok for 10 days styling and editorial for Salt Resort Wear, it was my first time in Thailand, I unfortunately did not really have time to be a tourist but manage to see a few things and eat loads of mango sticky rice hahahahah

This pics has been taken at 7am on our first day, we tried to enjoy every single minute of sun before work ...
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Found Courtney Love in the elevator hahahahahah
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On our way to the shooting with Maja the model

The night market ...

Sparkling with my new favourite gladiators ( shop X) and Mes Demoiselles skirt ( shop X)

How cool is that Kimono? ( shop X)

Casual shopping at 4am, just a bit jet lagged ...
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Bye bye Bangkok, roadtrip time to Hua Hin for the second way of shooting

Quick stop along the road, how cool is that truck??
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Best coffee break ever

Little skinny dip wearing my Mikoh swimsuit before 2nd day of shooting 
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It's never too late to stretch

Half healthy, Half junk food!

Bye Bye Hua Hin, it's time for Bangkok again!
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Checked in the best hotel in Bangkok, Siam ( have a look here )
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Stripe is the new black
( wearing Minimale Minimale bikini X-X-X)

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Room service ....

After a long and busy week it's time for a bit of rest

While shooting in the street some tourists decide to do the same ...
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It can't get better than this, can it?

I am sure I was posting on Instagram
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Just being a stylist, model, photographer assistant ... Multitasker is the new way to be!

It's time to check out...
Bye bye Bangkok and see you very soon ;)