My 3 weeks back home- Diary

After my mum passed away, I decided to stay home for 3 weeks, all I needed was to spend time with my dad, sister and of course my little puppy love.
My Sister, who's a journalist ( her website here) had the good idea to go to Arles, where a photography exhibition takes place every summer, have a look here.
It is only 1 hour from my city, Sete, and it is a must visit place! 

I had to take a pictures of those maghrebine pastries that a family friend bring me as this is my favourite thing ever, my mum was always getting me some when I was upset or sad, its like magic you eat one and all your problems goes away..

Everyday, I stop by my favourite boulangerie to get croissant and pain au chocolat before heading to the beach.

My sister made me avocado toast for lunch that I usually eat with Melon. The weather was so hot, that the only thing I could eat!

I love walking around my city, after 25 years there, I always discover the cutest places.

Just being a lizard

Wearing a marin shirt at the Rue Des Marins

My sis and I went to visit a cute village call Pezenas, it is like 20 min from Sete. I love wondering around there, we also decided to bring our little maltese, Edwin, he was so happy to be a tourist with us.

This is my favourite place in the city, if you don't know, you cannot find it.
I go there with my sister for picnics when no one is around, its my little heaven on earth.

Just before I left for France, I bought this super cool Chanel Salzburg bagpack. I never had a green bag as it is not easy to mix but I really do love it

Selfie with my sister for our last dinner before I left :)