Barcelona Diary

After spending Christmas in my hometown, my boyfriend and I decided to go to Barcelona for NYE. It is only 3 hours driving and it has been a few years we haven't been there together.

I love Barcelona so much and was planning to move there before I decided to settle down in London 7 years ago.
 I also have very good memories there with my mum as we used to go together quiet often for long week ends and school holidays.

I am wearing a Bershka fur coat X, Asos trousers X , Gucci sneakers X, Fendi bag and HappySocks socks.

I'm still amazed by Barcelona gothic architecture and can spend hours looking at every single details.

I met with spanish style icon Blanca Miro for lunch at Brunch&Cake , I love her basic yet super stylish look.

Food is what I love the most in Barcelona, everything is so fresh and tasty, after arabic food, spanish is my second favourite!

My boyfriend and I went 3 times to La Taverna Del Born, I just could eat everything there it was just too good!

Blanca advised me to have a look at HOLALA IBIZA vintage store and I wasn't disappointed, I spent around 30 min there and ended up with some vintage treasures.

My sister and her boyfriend also joined us to spend a few days in Barcelona.

Can't stay serious for long ...

We stayed at the Yurbban  hotel, this is the perfect hotel for a city break, very central, 5 min from Paseig de Gracia and surrounded by very cute and tasty restaurant. 

I also discovered so many cool places to shop:

Santa Eulalia on Paseig De Gracia offers a good selection of luxury accessories and clothing, the Barcelona version of Liberty.
- Jofre Store, a luxury multi brand store, from Fendi to Saint Laurent you will find the best of fashion.
- Le Swing Vintage,  if you are after some vintage treasures such as classic Chanel or first versions of Hermes birkin this is the place to go.
- Passage BCN, an amazing concept store where you will find some very quirky accessories, art books and discover the best of the upcoming fashion designers.
- Aurevoir Cinderella, that shoe store has some statement shoes to be the most stylish girl in Barcelona.