My skin routine with Teresa Tarmey and La Prairie

Today I am going to tell you a bit more about my skin routine. 

Many of you have been asking on Instagram what kind of beauty products I was using and how I was keeping my skin clear and out of spots. 

So firstly, I have to tell you this is not a tutorial and you don’t have to follow what you are reading as I am not an expert but just a girl who hates make up but still wants to look pretty and fresh faced.

When I was younger I had the worst acne ever so thanks god I have no scars to hide every morning. My skin is pretty clear but I have pigmentation ( too much sun!) and when I am not tan my face colour is a bit uneven. 

I never cared about my skin before I reached 25 and start seeing crazy things like wrinkles that I actually do not have is just something which was always here when I smile but never saw before I realised I was actually getting old!!

I am now 26 ( 27 in a few months) and my friend Teresa Tarmey the beautician of the Creme de la Creme of London told me to first come to her brand new salon in Notting Hill and have a facial with one of her top skin specialist. After a 30 minutes relaxing face massage where I actually fell asleep, she also did a bit of laser to remove some red veins at the corner of my nose, it hurts like hell especially after feeling so relaxed but all my dark spots and red veins had since disappeared.

This facial was like an eye opening experience ( yes really!) so I asked Teresa what kind of real beauty products I could use to keep a fresh skin all year long without making too much effort that is when she introduced me to La Prairie
Of course I knew the brand, that is something my Mum was using and banned me to touch telling me: “ You will use this when you will be an adult” and here I am, a 26 years old adult who forgot to put face cream for years so yes Mummy you’re right, adult need La Prairie to look as gorgeous as you!

Teresa introduced me to the Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Serum, because of my constant travelling, change of climate, pollution and general street my skin need to adapt with more resilience than ever to fight the first signs of ageing. So since I had the chance to try the Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Serum my skin looks way smoother and the wrinkles I was so paranoid about which were more due to a lack of hydration have almost disappeared. 

I also told her I am not a big fan of foundation as most of the time I feel like I am a wax statue, I have an issue with covering my face with make up but sometimes I have too!
So she told me to try the new Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal transforming SPF 30, which is a triple action product that combine the benefit of skincare, colour and UV protection. What else could I ask for? It defends and protect as it brightens, evens your skin tone and give you that glowy look we are all crazy about.

So as you can see my routine is pretty simple, it does need much time and those products are making a huge difference on my skin.