My Valentine's date night routine with A Little Find

You've been following me for a few years and you know I am travelling quiet a lot, I always have the same issue when packing especially when it comes to fly for a city break of  only two days.

Of course, I always pack my favourite outfits but when it comes to beauty essentials I always need to transfer my favourites in small bottles that always leak in my carry bag and ruins all my clothes! You know what I am talking about right?

Most of the time the products that hotel are offering are not good for my hair and skin and I feel very ugly and end up running to a pharmacy buying my products that I leave at the hotel because it's too big to carry!
Thankfully, I discovered A little find which offers all my beauty essentials in travel size and I can insure you this is life saving.

This week end I was in Paris for only 48 hours and needed all my products from shampoo to micellar water to detox mask, I NEED EVERYTHING with me!

So when I heard about A Little Find, I decided to order my favourite products in mini size:

A vegetable fibre face sponge ( shop HERE )
A Detox Mask ( shop HERE)
A rose mist ( shop HERE)
A rose Lip Balm ( shop HERE)
A mini beauty case that contains everything to hydrate and nourish ( shop HERE)

This is also the perfect gift for your boyfriend as Valentine's Day is around the corner and I realise men's ( or maybe only my fiance ...) are more and more interested in what is good for their skin, click HERE to get you lover some great skin products.